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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Patience Little Puppy; The Internet Will be Online Shortly

Today, I have made technological history. I, for the first time in my life, am posting a blog entry from a laptop. I've had a laptop before; fourteen years ago. Those were my college days. Dad Dick gave me a laptop for my use in college. I remember this particluar portable computer being much smaller than what I'm using now. Color screens were a luxury, and public access to the internet was in its infancy. By the way, Windows 3.1 was advenced technology.

After my one year of college ( I decided having kids was a higher priority at that time.), Dad Dick took the laptop of old on a trip. Coming back, explicative Dick decided it was a good idea to check the computer in his luggage. He never did bother replacing the newly cracked lcd screen. Apparently, it wasn't worth his time to replace something that he didn't choose to own.

Please note, this computer situation is not why I strike out the word dad. That is for another post; waiting for a most opportune moment. This is a story about computers, not about why I disown Dick Fife as family relation.

With several factors to consider, including the growing internet needs of our family, Bigboy felt inspired to treat me to my very own laptop. After much consideration and shopping, we came to a life changing decision. Not only did I need a laptop, we needed a new desktop as well. The computer we've owned for the five years couldn't handle supporting the router for my computer. It's a well experienced machine, and probably be replaced.

The laptop came home Thursday. The new desktop came home Friday night. Today, Bigboy has been playing with his new toys. I honestly believe testosterone gets its kicks out of playing with things invloving cords and plugs. His side of the story may be slightly different. In his world, I was more excited than him. I can't say that is completely true.

However, I can say I wanted to take a short break from filing. The new desktop was connected to the internet. The perfect opportunity to check my hit counter had arrived. Bigboy would say I was more excited than he was; something like the dog in this:

This video has been provided by Disney Tube, the exercising of my skill in copying and pasting code, and my newly learned skill in inserting YouTube video into my blog. You can find this video my searching "Over The Hedge" in YouTube.

He caught me redhanded online, on a brand new desktop with no antivirus, firewall, or spam protection. Honestly, I didn't know. I figured that kind of important stuff was done already.

Eventually, he did tell me to calm down and turn on my laptop while he installed the printer, and a few other things for the network between all three computers. I turned out to be one happy puppy.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

One Day At a Time

Craving for sugar come, leaving me two choices. Do I accept cake, and candy? Or, do I refuse over processed carbohydrates? Today is Day 23, and I’m refusing sugar cravings again today. I have to take this one day at a time. I have 25 days left until Easter. I know I can get through this.

I thought I was through the cravings stage. My first week found not only a horrible state of depression, but a mountainous slew hazing and personal torment from family and friends. Being the good sport I am, I took all of this in stride, and laughed right along with them.
I love my friends dearly. All the hazing I’ve taken from them has given me a good opportunity to laugh at my sugar fasting. By the third day, the razing from the family, I was in tears. Never before this had I realized I was using sweets as a cover for depression.

Needless to say, I cried all the way through my second week. Short tempered was the pleasant description for my behavior. I was vocal and angry enough to make a sailor blush. I managed to come out of that second week completely sugar free. Remaining days shouldn’t have been any problem. Yeah, right.

This last week, I’ve wanted everything I can get my hands on with sugar. I have forced myself into denial of temptation. Grocery stores carry candy and ice cream isles, bakeries, and soda displays. Beadgirl caught me as I tried to ask her to share her skittles. She reminded me again a few days ago. Certain trail mix contains candy.

I’ve faired much better over yesterday and today. I know I can get through this. Taking a sacrifice like this works best when you take each day one at a time. I also know that come Easter, I’ll be a much healthier person. Each day is a today. As long as I remember this each morning, I’ll be fine. Today, I’m not having any sugar. Tomorrow will be another today. I believe I do have it in me to make it to Easter.

One day at a time.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I finally got around to putting progress binders together for the kids. They aren't bulging as much as they should. There should be much more history and science in there. Oh well, we'll have that ready for our consultation next month.

Frankly, this is the one part of homeschooling through a district sponsored coop I look the least forward to. For some reason, I have this horrible procrastinating urge to leave meeting prep for the very last minute. The whole concept of organizing all schoolwork into a presentable form draws all types of desire to put it off. Besides, there are plenty other chores for an ADHD hectic homeschooling mom to worry about. Suddenly, the laundry has to be completely pressed and put away. The kitchen must be cleaned. I can't sort out papers in the living room with all these dirty dishes in the kitchen. Mending must be done. I haven't done the mending in almost six months. But, I have an in office meeting tomorrow (which was actually today by the time I get it posted). I have all these other things to do before I can do anything in regards to presenting school work.

I'm using K12 this year. This should be fairly easy. Actually, it's much easier this year than it was last year to do all this. I don't have to write out each day's lesson plans. My days of worrying about getting behind or Bigfoot working too fast are over. Everything is numbered and named by subject. It's just that my ADHD, which, by the way, all moms have, gets distracted. This job ends up getting put off until the very last few hours.

But, it did get done. Now, all those papers I put categorized into binders can come out, get stuffed in a folder, placed in a box, and stashed in the basement. Why? So that when my kids grow up and have kids, this hectic homeschooling grandma of the future, can show off all their work.

Now do yourself a favor, and Tackle It Tuesday. Find more at 5minutesformom.

Date Night! Well, Almost, Twice

Each third Saturday of the month is our date night. Bigfoot and Beadgirl are at our local YMCA for their monthly kids party/play night. Upon dropping off minor aged children, Bigboy and I take off for dinner. Our date night excursions have been invaded, for the past three months, by a three year old toddler.

I babysit this darling child on what is usually an on call, last minute, late night (her parents work retail in the mall), her grandmother is traveling out of the country, basis. I babysit her as a favor, and on a favor basis. Babysitting is how I managed jewelry for Valentine's Day. Her mom bought it on her employee discount. You can read about that experience here. On the nights we do end up babysitting, we take this child everywhere we go. Sunday School is no longer an unfamiliar scene. She is very familiar with the kitchen and banquet room of the Masonic Center in downtown Bremerton. Often, she is mistaken as being one of ours.

For the past three months, this toddler has had dined with us on these third Saturdays each month. This last excursion out, on the sixteenth, found a new experience- Indian. I've never had fresh authentic Indian food. Bigboy passes this place from the Bremerton ferry; he's always making comments about how good everything smells coming from there. So, we went Saturday night.

WOW! I'm amazed at how delicious everything is. I'm not a big fan of anything extremely spicy, but this stuff was marvelous. Even our "borrowed" three year old was enjoying our samplings. We almost had a date last week. Enjoyable as it was, I prefer having only Bigboy for that time.

This last Saturday impulsively gave us another chance at the Saturday date scene. Bigfoot was off to Hockey night with DeMolay. One of the families planning on attending couldn't make it, therefore allowing Beadgirl a spot in the group. How did we manage that?

Dinner was "roadkill" at the Steadfast lodge in Bremerton, where my Little-big brother happens to be in charge of food this year. I have to admit, my brother does an fantastic job at buffalo and venison. Two of the guys working with him came up with lemon roasted flounder and salmon. Yumm. Avoiding desert wasn't hard with everything available.

Fortunately, we made it home in time for Knight Rider. That is, after our trip to Fred Meyer for the shelf we need for our living room. Walking in the door at precisely nine was Little-big brother for the show. On a personal note, I LOVE the new KITT car. Whoever decided the new car should be a mustang has my approval. As much as I love my Little-big brother, I love my Bigboy more.

I almost had a date night, twice.