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Monday, February 25, 2008

Date Night! Well, Almost, Twice

Each third Saturday of the month is our date night. Bigfoot and Beadgirl are at our local YMCA for their monthly kids party/play night. Upon dropping off minor aged children, Bigboy and I take off for dinner. Our date night excursions have been invaded, for the past three months, by a three year old toddler.

I babysit this darling child on what is usually an on call, last minute, late night (her parents work retail in the mall), her grandmother is traveling out of the country, basis. I babysit her as a favor, and on a favor basis. Babysitting is how I managed jewelry for Valentine's Day. Her mom bought it on her employee discount. You can read about that experience here. On the nights we do end up babysitting, we take this child everywhere we go. Sunday School is no longer an unfamiliar scene. She is very familiar with the kitchen and banquet room of the Masonic Center in downtown Bremerton. Often, she is mistaken as being one of ours.

For the past three months, this toddler has had dined with us on these third Saturdays each month. This last excursion out, on the sixteenth, found a new experience- Indian. I've never had fresh authentic Indian food. Bigboy passes this place from the Bremerton ferry; he's always making comments about how good everything smells coming from there. So, we went Saturday night.

WOW! I'm amazed at how delicious everything is. I'm not a big fan of anything extremely spicy, but this stuff was marvelous. Even our "borrowed" three year old was enjoying our samplings. We almost had a date last week. Enjoyable as it was, I prefer having only Bigboy for that time.

This last Saturday impulsively gave us another chance at the Saturday date scene. Bigfoot was off to Hockey night with DeMolay. One of the families planning on attending couldn't make it, therefore allowing Beadgirl a spot in the group. How did we manage that?

Dinner was "roadkill" at the Steadfast lodge in Bremerton, where my Little-big brother happens to be in charge of food this year. I have to admit, my brother does an fantastic job at buffalo and venison. Two of the guys working with him came up with lemon roasted flounder and salmon. Yumm. Avoiding desert wasn't hard with everything available.

Fortunately, we made it home in time for Knight Rider. That is, after our trip to Fred Meyer for the shelf we need for our living room. Walking in the door at precisely nine was Little-big brother for the show. On a personal note, I LOVE the new KITT car. Whoever decided the new car should be a mustang has my approval. As much as I love my Little-big brother, I love my Bigboy more.

I almost had a date night, twice.

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forgetfulone said...

My dad was a Shriner (not a clown, though), and a Master Mason. I miss him so much.

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