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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Twitter Me Not

Of all things technology related, there are some things I just haven't figured out. I was the Dell chick to Best Buy, a job I loved and miss very much, thank you. I have seen some of the coolest, latest and greatest coming to an American computer near you.

The solid state drive is being perfected as a hard drive. I'm saying within two years (factoring American spending trends and the economy) solid state drives will replace floppy spin drives in our computers. We can put 16GB into a stip of metal the size of my pinky fingernail. Tetrebytes will be coming soon in solid state form.

I actually got to see a Windows At-Home Server. With the exception of pathetic marketing, I validate this one completely. The more America works from home and quits burning oil in our cars, the more we need in-home servers.

I was the Dell chick. I could easily sell you a pc with 8GB memory and a 750 GB hard drive. In the process I will tell you every reason you should spend $1000 on this pc package. In no way did I ever take advantage of you. I just got you to spend more money now than having to replace your machine in two years.

What I don't get is websites that spend American time pointlessly. Twitter would be one of those. Will someone please educate me in the purpose of posting messages on the internet about what you are doing right now? If I wanted to tell my friends what I was doing right now,I would call them. Why Twitter, I still can't figure out. I know the site is free to use, but that still doesn't justify, to me, the time spent telling the world your every move.

So when Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore said they were going to quit Twitter, I had to wonder, Why did they even start? Is America that under occupied that we have to pay attention to what the world is doing at this very moment?

I guess I have too much of a life. I'm a hectic homeschooler. I have two kids to educate (even in these last few weeks of homeschooling), kids to feed, coffee to drink, my own school to attend, coffee to drink, kids to feed, twenty generic drugs to learn every week, coffee to drink, skin care to rep in Costco, kids to feed, coffee to drink, newspapers to deliver, coffee to drink, disc golf to play with my kids. Not to mention laundry to wash, kids to feed, a kitchen to clean, kids to feed, and a perpetually messy house to keep up with.

Am I the only American with no time to Twitter?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Staples, That WAS Easy

The printer issue is finally fixed. Thanks to our good tech guy, Nate, at Staples, That Weird Woman now has the ability to print her pdf files from her computer.

I went back over to her house yesterday an once again uninstalled the darling printer. Today, I installed it once again. The good news coming out of that is that the automatic updates happened this time. YEAH! The updates included a correction in computer to printer communication. YEAH!

That still didn't solve the problem of the unprintable pdf files. Ok, I decided to check out HP tech support online. Wouldn't it be my luck that the precious Internet Explorer decided it needed to shut down as the chat module was loading. Nice. Calling HP didn't get me anywhere what so ever. That Weird Woman is not about to shell out $40 for tech service for something that shouldn't be a problem in the first place.

With the pdf printing mystery still unsolved, I finally decided to take a crack at calling Staples. If they weren't open, I figured it wouldn't be a big deal. Quite frankly, I don't think anyone should have been open today. But, what would I know? They were open, and our very wonderful Nate, the tech department guy helped us out.

I've learned...
when in need of computer brains, just call Staples. That was Easy.