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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Where have I been? Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow! I didn't realize I had gone over two weeks since my last blog. now I'm wondering, "where have I been?" My last blog was before Thanksgiving. I meant to post a Thanksgiving blog; I really did. Somehow, it just never made it here.

Actually, I know all too well how it never made it here. I got ambitious this Thanksgiving. I decided to bake. I did my very first pie crust. Actually, the recipe was for three crusts. I managed to come out all my mixing with enough pie crust for two apple pies, one pumpkin, and one huge pumpkin pie. I had enough pumpkin pie mix for one regular pie, and this huge pie I had to put in a casserole dish along with the leftover pie crust. Along with all theses pies, I baked rolls. I can't just go buy rolls for Thanksgiving. NO, I have to bake all morning long.

It's not like I wasn't awake all night. Bigboy brought home the company "bonus" aka, turkey, Tuesday, and we forgot to put it in the fridge. I found it Wednesday night when we came home from the ferry, nicely thawed. That resulted in a purchasing of a roasting pan, coming home and baking this darned bird until almost 3 in the morning. Beginning sometime around ten, Bigboy insisted that one of us needed to stay up while the bird baked. Out of the kindness of his heart, he told me to go to sleep. For some reason, that kindness also needed me to wake up every half hour (to check the bird) until one. That's when he decided we needed to switch places. at that point, I was grateful to have him go to sleep. If he was going to wake me up repeatedly, just let me stay up in the first place. Its not like we were responsible for the entire dinner. We were going to Olympia for dinner with his family. I was only supposed to bring desserts and rolls. I also didn't want to loose the bird to spoilage.

Traffic on I5 was good until just north of Olympia. Eventually, we were creeping to about 35 mph. We discovered the slow down ended as we passed by the new Cabela's showroom. I can't believe the number of people slowing down to gawk at the roof of the new store. Yikes!

Thanksgiving was good for our family. I hope it was for everyone as well. As soon as I have pictures from our Veteran's Dinner, I will be posting them. I have to have pictures come in from people there, since I was working the entire night.