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Monday, September 8, 2008

The k12 Top 10 Continues... Finally, We Come to Part 6

It's about time I found my notebook. Somewhere in the disaster zone at home, I left my notebook. Where it went, I had no clue until today. For the sake of this blog,and a few other whatnots, this notebook holds essential value. This notebook is life. It is the first source of on-the-road notes for the blog. This blog will survive without my laptop. However, without that notebook, all is lost.

With the notebook found, and the starting of a new school year, I'm setting out on a great mission. My self-imposed mission is, should I choose to accept it:

Complete my Top Ten reasons for using k12 series. I've spend way too much time not getting to the punch line.

Well, without further adieu, The Number 5 Reason I have for using k12...

All proprietary equipment is provided by the k12 corporation. If the science program calls for equipment, they send it. I don't have to spend my time and money hunting down scientific equipment. Most of this kind of stuff isn't easy to come across in the general public.

After all, do you really want to hunt down stuff like test tubes, beakers, and microscopes? No thank you. Not on our budget.

I appreciate the sending me of supplies well needed.