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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Finally Got It Finished Today!

Today was one definitely of those hectic homeschooler days. I woke up late for route, causing me to meet my rider late. Ok, so I made up for that with a route completion time of 1:45. Nice. I haven't done that to date yet.

Ok, so I came home, decided I needed a nap, woke up late for what I could afford. I still had this dear TB paper to write. Even at 8am, I still couldn't push out even a paragraph. I guess that wasn't too big of a deal since I had to get myself and the car off to a rear brake job. Got the car to the shop, after turning around for the checkbook and my purse. On the way over, I was reminding myself to ask for a fuel filter along with the brakes. I was in perfect hectic homeschooling form and forgot.

Well, that gave me something like four hours to finish the paper that I still only had half a page done. Of course, once I got to school, I couldn't use the computers in the Pharmacy Lab right away. I ended up having to use the resource room. That's just fine until I have to plug my ear plugs into a tower below the desk. I'm not too fond of playing Twister to listen internet radio while working on a paper.

At least I finally got my paper finished today. All fourteen pages jetted out of the school printer one hour before the cut off. Nice.

I walked out of the module today with straight A's! YES! Six weeks left!

I love it when I have a hyper-under-control day. I get so much stuff done, even if things seem a little crazy and hectic.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Writer's Block, and Not on the Blog

Ok, so I have a paper on Tuberculosis due, only TOMORROW. I'm supposed to write two to three pages on the topic. So far, I have? Less than one page. Why? I have no clue. Normally, I can pump out somewhere around nine or ten pages in just a few hours. Tonight, I couldn't even get a paragraph out, let alone, make it sound good.

Instead, I'm wasting my time wondering why the HELL Michael Jackson was given propofol? And, what was his doctor SMOKING to think of giving his that stuff? This is a drug only to be used as an anesthetic for surgical procedures. It stops you from breathing. It can cause myocardial ischemia. Why the hell is MJ taking this stuff like it is a household injection? This doctor makes me sick.

Now that we have physicians giving out drugs for reasons other than what they should be used for, I have other stuff to do. Like update my Facebook page, read email, play games. Anything but write a term paper.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thirty-three Excuses for Cake (and some very good drinks)

There are thirty-three reasons I been eating cake since Saturday:
July 25, 1976-2009.

That Weird Woman made me cake for my birthday. Unfortunately, everyone in this zoo was too busy to eat it until yesterday. Birthday cake is no fun when you cut it by yourself. Monday was the first day I could cut it and share it in one five-minute period.

Saturday, I was too busy to eat cake. Bigfoot needed supplies for the 50-miler hike he is currently on. I needed clothing for Saturday night. Beadgirl needed new clothes, as if she isn't growing. I really needed to take the kids to Famous Dave's for barbecue. I had too much to do during the day to eat cake.

That isn't to day that my birthday didn't turn out bad. My good friend from TeleTech, Brandi, took me out on our first clubbing experience in Seattle. Since I haven't had a drink in over a year, I've lost touch with the various forms of alcoholic combinations. So, I made it simple on myself. I asked the bartender to make me something fun on my birthday. I got this:
2 lime slices

times five, along with some drunk guy who wanted to take me home. Not to forget the "Greek" guy who decided Brandi's boyfriend is a loser.
I don't think so. I happen to like her boyfriend. He is very good for her, and he drove us to and from the ferry in Bremerton.
I decided it was time for Cinderella's carriage to turn into a pumpkin.

And it might as well have for that matter. We learned that the Washington State Ferry terminal at Coleman Dock locks up at 2am. Brandi and I were told by the state patrol officer that we could stay outside and that there are cameras around the terminal.

For some reason, four hours outside the ferry terminal just doesn't thrill either me or Brandi. Knowing our luck, we would have been picked up by the Seattle Police for hooking Alaskan Way. I have to admit, we would have made very bad hookers if we had stayed all night at the terminal. Thankfully, her mom's boyfriend came to pick us up and let us crash in Northgate for several hours. Sleep is a good thing, especially on an air mattress in good company.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Aaaah, The Sweetness of "Voluntelling"

Right along side of the joys of Cub Scout Day Camp, come the joys of volunteering. I love volunteering for Cub Scout Day Camp; especially when my good friend Harry is in charge of putting camp together for 150 boys. When he runs a camp program, volunteering at camp is fun.

Even more fun, is being able to volunteer someone else into a staff position. For most people, I wouldn't even think of volunteering them into positions without their knowledge. However, when the person I am volunteering is That Weird Woman, I have no worries what so ever.

Wednesday, while at camp, I was chatting with a friend of mine. My good friend Harry approached and made a comment about needing staff for the week. Neither one of us was available to staff all day for the last two days of camp. However, we knew That Weird Woman would be. On that Wednesday, she became the Games station staff for Thursday and Friday. She was officially Voluntold.

The joys of Day Camp. I was a good girl to my mom and told her Wednesday night when I got home form school. She had plenty of fore warning for the next day, with time to visit camp and shop for decorations.

Friends and Family really are wonderful.