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Thursday, February 14, 2008

What a Sneak!

I was trying very hard to sleep last night, but comfortable never bothered to come until I found a box under my pillow. At first, I thought it was candy. Not good candy like chocolate, but dumb Valentine's candy like message hearts. The box was shaped like it could be candy. It shook like it could be candy. I wanted to kill somebody! How could someone, such as Bigboy be so rotten as to sneak candy under my pillow. I don't care if Valentines day was today or not. He knows I am giving up sugar for Lent. He knows I cried all Sunday evening after the carrot cake episode. He knows I gave up the opportunity to partake in desert the other night at Red Robin. How could he be such a jerk and sneak candy under my pillow? I could have shot him! I took it out from under the pillow and set it on the floor.

Then, I began considering what to do with this box of candy. I could sneak it into the bathroom and eat the whole thing in the middle of the night. I decided against that since the whole idea of giving up something during Lent is to actually give it up and not succumb to temptation. Sneaking candy in the middle of the night is just not responsible to my Lenten obligation. At that point, I figured I could just leave the candy on the floor, push it under the bed and forget it was ever there. I liked that idea. That allowed me the time to finish Lent, forget it ever existed, and find it after ten years or so when I would have actually decided to clean out from under the bed. Leaving it under the bed was good.

This morning, he asked me, "Did you find a box under the pillow?"

"What the candy? Yeah, I found it under my pillow," like what did he want me to do, slap him?

"What candy? I though there was a box under the pillow, but I don't know anything about candy."

Grrrrrrrrrrrr, "How can you not know about the candy?" It is 3:45 in the way to early of the morning, I have to get you off to work, and you don't know anything about the candy?

"What happened to the box?"

"I put it under the bed." Can I get something out of the safe? I'd like to use it right now!

So, I reached under the bed, pulled out the box, which I have not actually seen at this point. He turned on the bedroom light, and I found a little box, about the size of dumb candy boxes, wrapped in silver paper and a ribbon with "Z" all over it. This particular "Z" is in the font used by Zales, which can only mean one thing. He asked our friend to plot against me.

"Well, can I open it?"

"Sure, go ahead. I don't think you'll find any candy."

Good, because I don't want any. I carefully opened the paper to find a Zales box and this:
Wow! I haven't gotten a real piece of jewelry since he proposed! He did a very good job of sneaking this around me. Normally, I find out about everything before it can become a surprise. He definitely got this one around me completely. I decided he can stay since this is obviously far better than candy any day, especially Valentines Day.

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