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Saturday, May 23, 2009

If You Have to Burn Your Socks, Please Don't Burn Down the House

I've learned...

Actually, it's Bigfoot who has learned, but I learned in the process...

The microwave is a very good place to dry out wet footwear such as shoes and socks. Everything takes only a few minutes and comes out nice and toasty warm.

Shoes when placed in the dryer tend to knock the dryer door open, forcing the dryer to shut itself off, leaving shoes still wet. And the dryer gains a ton of dirt when shoes are placed in there. Shoes in the oven causes the rubber in the shoes to melt. The microwave, on the other hand, does not cause rubber to melt and only after a few minutes, leaves shoes nice and toasty warm. Perfect after a few hours, or a day, or a weekend out camping in the rain.

Now, socks may fair better in the dryer than the shoes, but the microwave still takes half the time. Time is of the essence when there is a dog to play with, woods in the back yard, and rain outside. The microwave is not the best option. That is until the socks are cooked for too long. If the socks are cooked too long, they become more than just a little toasty warm.

So, Bigfoot was asked to mow the lawn of a commuter friend of BigBoy last Monday. I'm a busy person, but I can make time for Bigfoot to get the job done on Monday night. The weather was great all day long; until we were on our way to this gentleman's house. Being Western Washington, the one reliable thing we have came pouring down. Rain has yet to stop Bigfoot. The lawn still got mowed. Shoes and socks came back to car soaking wet.

I can't figure out why Bigfoot was the first person in the door when we got home. Shoes and socks came off and socks went into the microwave. As the scent of wet stinky feet begins to fill the kitchen, I let him know his socks were done.

They were definitely done. Bigfoot took them out of the microwave, ran them to the bathroom, and turned on the shower. The house shack was now filled with smoke. I am required to open every possible window, and turn on the ceiling fan. The socks have several large black spots on them as well as areas glowing gold.

The shower was for putting the fire out.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fixing This Crazy Printer

At one time, I was a sales rep for Dell to Best Buy. If there was ever a job I loved and never wanted to leave, it was my job with Dell. Unfortunately, that got cut short with an early termination to the campaign.

Now, everybody thinks I am the tech queen. I sold Dell, so I must knwo how to fix everything. Especially the HP living at my mom's house. Except now we have moved beyond the computer to the printer. This HP Color Laserjet 1600 printer will not cooperate with the printing of pdf files. I am not thrilled.

I have uninstalld and reinstalled this piece of mess delicate machinery. I have checked the connection cables of this mess delicate machinery. I have, to this point in time, no clue why every other type of file will print except a pdf.

In my endless earch for assistance, and the posting upon several massage boards, I have come across a very useful website aka www.rinkworks.com and plenty of discussion of printers.

I sympathize with these dear tech support people. They begin to remind me of my days at hell TeleTech working for Sprint. Just a few of the stories tell as follows:

Most of the kids in my graduating class did not receive the best computer
training while growing up. So when I was taking the required computer class,
covering basically Microsoft Word and Excel, I had quite the experience.

On our first assignment, we were required to print when we were
finished. This one guy was getting really frusturated.

Him: "I hit
but it won't print."
Me: "Well, show me what you did."
File/Print/OK, then stood and looked around the monitor and CPU.

"See? It is not coming out! Freakin' computers."
"Umm...maybe you would
have better luck if you looked for it at the
I directed him to the
printer on the other side of the room.
It turned out he had printed 24 copies of
his assignment.

I have been the technical support for a group of engineers for several years. In the beginning they weren't sure a female could be high tech enough for them. As a result they often spent a lot of time working on a problem before calling me for help. One day I walked by a cubicle and saw two engineers working hard over a printer. About an hour later I walked by and, noticing they were still puzzled by the problem, I asked if I could help. They began to explain all the steps they had taken to try to get the dot matrix printer to work. I still treasure the looks on their faces as I took one finger, pressed the cover latch into place, and it began printing.

Taken from www.rinkworks.com. Please do visit their site so he won't get on my case overcopywright issues.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Beadgirl has instructed me to write the following:

I should be doing my schoolwork instead of blogging. I have an research paper outline on chlamydia due today, but getting turned in tomorrow. I have 20 genereic drugs, their trade names, classifications, and general usages to complete for a test tomorrow. There is also a research assignment regarding medicating a patient for bronchial asthma, and Chapter 5 of Mosby's Pharmacy Technician workbook and textbook assignments to complete for grading tomorrow.

I should not be blogging right now. I should be doing my schoolwork. All while Beadgirl is watching Jeopardy hoping and praying for a new season and episode of Knight Rider. She has completed season one several times over on the internet. She needs a new Michael Knight fix. She wants a new season of episodes to watch.