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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Know I Have No Life When...

1. I know where all the Chrome Eggs are in Angry Birds Chrome. 
And how do I know this? I have Angry Birds Chrome installed on several computers for the sole purpose of resetting the game.
2. I blog about the Twelve Steps of Angry Birds.
3. Watching Six Degrees of Separation leads me to think "Chaos, Control, Chaos, Control. You like, You like."
4. I can't even get a decent date on Match.com
Oh wait, I may just be too fat for that. Match.com is the dating meat market for skinny chicks. If that's not the case, there are no guys on that site that like fat chicks, have something above a high school education, and don't look like rednecks.
5. I have the Match.com BlackBerry app.
6. I can tell you my FreeCell stats. My winning rate is 45% at one location, and 52% at another location.
7. My Farmville has more coins than my bank account has cash.
8. I play Sudoku on the crackberry.
9. Anne Burrell taught me how to crush and mince garlic.
10. I wish I could date Guy Fieri. 
Like that will ever happen. His wife would try to kill me. Death by food still happens. I can see the Clue solution: The wannabe-something was killed in the wine cellar by the wife using the steak and arsenic.
11. I watch the Food Network. Bobby Flay is my favorite Iron Chef. 
13. Some one in India reads my blog about the boobs.

I'll think of more later....

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