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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In the Days of the Eighties Movies

In our ever so changing times, gone with the wind are the days of the local video rental store that carried everything from black and white Shirley Temple to the orginial The Blob to the Apple Dumpling Gang to the modern day of Inception and the Hangover. Gone are the days where I can just walk into a video store, pick up some movie made in my childhood of the eighties, go home and watch it.

In the new more modern and less high touch era of life, I can visit the Redbox and select from a vast aray of current and popular titles. Little do they care that I'm not in the mood for Salt. I need a good dose of Lolita in black and white, or a day off with Ferris Bueller.

But, sun wil always come out tomorrow with my handy dandy Netflix subscription. Most recently on my list of mail-order dvd's was The Never Ending Story.

Comfy in my huge bed last night, Beadgirl (who has changed her name to BumbleBee) and I watched this wonderful movie of the eighties. Of all the things that could have caught my attention more, one scene stood out.

Of all dumb things that could grab my attention, I had to notice something about the two Sphinxes. Their eyes had nothing to do with anything I felt shocked by. I admire whoever constructed the miniatures for the scene. The artwork is wonderful. These two Sphinxes were definitely created by a member of the human species whose brain is drenched in testosterone. The one thing that threw me off about this scene was the Boobs.

These aren't just boobs. These are 38C boobs. Definitely built by a man. No woman would have given a Sphinx boobs of that size. She would have given her something modest like a 32A sized chest. I remember film being more flexible with creativity and content rating when I was a kid. Wow! Have I grown so wimpy that I got tripped up by boobs?

Had this movie been made in current politically correct times, this move would have received a PG-13 rating for sexual content. Boobs are not to be seen by kids in elementary school. Boobs with nipples are strictly prohibited from a G or even PG rating. Let alone the boobs would have been smaller, or removed completely.

Its too bad our weeny American society can't handle the concept of art. Boobs are a part of being woman. Boobs in film are the interpretation and edification of life. Watching The Never Ending Story last night reminded me that this is art. The Sphinxes are a replication of ancient mythology and culture where boobs were an accepted fact of life. We no longer live in a time where boobs are considered acceptable for kids to see in film, even if the object with said boobs is not human.

Thanks to film and Netflix, the eighties can live forever.

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