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Monday, March 10, 2008

Getting Closer...

"Moreover when you fast, don't be like the hypocrites, with sad faces. For they disfigure their faces, that they may be seen by men to be fasting. Most certainly I tell you, they have received their reward." Matthew 6:16

Getting closer to Easter that is. What happens on Easter? Enough is happening Easter Sunday to keep me busy well enough. Easter is a very good day this year. It is the day Christ has risen. It is the day of new birth for humanity. Easter marks the end of Lent, and a new beginning for life.

For me, the end of Lent means the end of my sugar fasting. I've been sugar-free with the exception of one Sunday. You can read more about that one here. Yes, one time, thankfully, only one time this Lent season, I gave in and partook of delicious carrot cake. A few times, I've been told to let go and treat myself. I don't think so.

The whole idea behind Lenten sacrifice is to honor the forty days Christ spent in fasting in order to fend off temptation. We, as humans and Christians, make a sacrifice of some sort in order to face and overcome temptation. Lent is not about making excuses, but about sticking to what you decide to make of your time.

I felt this passage is reflective of Lent because it shows people with high status and position often cheat at basic principles. If everyone of high status acted honestly about themselves we would live in a very different world. Wouldn't that be nice? Jesus is telling the common people to act as their words speak. There were already too many people abusing position in his world. He didn't want the people he was trying to touch fall into the same pit as those who didn't want to receive his message.

People in a position of leadership should not lie about themselves in order to control others around them, but should act as they expect others to. This is appropriate during Lent because as humans, we are tempted into breaking our promises. We are tempted to lie about ourselves for the control of others. Several times during this Lenten season, I've been tempted to eat candy, syrup, cake, ice cream, donuts, and anything in general loaded with sugar. I've pondered ways I can be sneaky about it. Fortunately for me, I haven't given in. I don't need to be proven a liar to my family.

As of today, I have thirteen days left. Easter Sunday, I don't plan on over-indulging myself. There won't be a need to. I will have proven I can live without something unhealthy.

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Anonymous said...

I did not give anything up for Lent this year. I have given up sugar, Cokes, and cheese in the past. Also, one year I gave up music on the radio. My then finance (now husband) and I did this together while we were still in college. We were allowed to listen to talk radio and audio books. That was tough for us. In the end, it was worth it. It opened a whole new world to us where we could learn while it the car rather than just listen to mindless junk.

Congrats on your accomplishment so far! Happy Early Easter!

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