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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Take a Deep Breath, Take a Deep Breath

Please do not feel disappointed today. I am on hiatus from Wordless Wednesday for a few weeks. Our plate is plentiful with everything on it already with things I need to get of my chest.

Much of our time over the past few weeks has been routed to caring for Bigboy's grandfather. He is slowly dying of lung cancer. This dear man is almost ninety years old. Due to the location of the lump, treatments aren't effectively possible. The lump, I'm told is located at the top of one of his lungs. Surgically removing it would risk cutting the very muscles they are trying to save, therefore killing him. Radiation treatments would end up cooking those same muscles within the lungs. Chemotherapy isn't an option for, obviously, the same reason.

In the mean time, Grandpa is living on oxygen. Just a few moths ago, the oxygen treatments were only for a few hours a day. Now he's living on borrowed time with oxygen all twenty-four hours. Pain is increasing each day. Just two weeks ago, Grandpa fell out of bed, tearing his shoulder muscles and breaking a rib. Hospice has brought in a hospital bed for him since then.

We've been traveling to Olympia every weekend for the past month. Grandpa has his good days, and his bad days. Saturday, as we arrived at his house, Bigboy was asked to come in, and assist with taking him to the ER. Fortunately, that trip was only for a reaction to pain killers. We didn't have much of a visit that day. Hopefully this next visit to him will be much more pleasant. We would like him to stay alive long enough to see the tulips bloom this Easter.

In the mean time, I have my hands full as usual. I have kids to educate, laundry to take care of, errands to run, a dinner to decorate this weekend, desert to bake for the lodge, and I just got stuck with babysitting for the next few days.

Of course, I haven't done any of the decorations am totally prepared for this dinner Saturday. I still have to shop for have all the stuff I need. This is another story to be posted tomorrow.

At the last minute I have selected three deserts for twenty people or so. Amazingly, I have no shopping to do, as everything I need, I have here at home. Yeah! I don't have to shop any more than necessary this week.

I was not supposed to babysit this week. I got a call yesterday, asking if I could. Her grandma went back into the hospital in Seattle Tuesday. Sure, we can take her this week. I think it may be all week that she's with us. Not something I was expecting, or really prepared for, Just something I have to do for this mom. There isn't anyone else she can go to for sitting help. The retail industry is not friendly toward moms in the least. I've worked retail before and know just how bad it bites.

Just to keep my busy, as if I wasn't busy enough, I am trying to visit every site participating in The Ultimate Blog Party. Monday, I started at number one. As of this blog entry, I've visited up to #125. I already know I won't get to everyone by the end of the party. over 1000 people have registered on Mister Linky. I figure I will spend at least one month getting to everybody. Yes, I'm crazy. I know this already. Just look at my family. You know I have to know I'm crazy.

With everything going on, I'm not expecting anything to slow down for me. I don't think I'd know what to do.

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bleeding espresso said...

Oh I'm so sorry to read this. My grandmother was on 24-hour oxygen for her last year at least, although thankfully she didn't have lung cancer, just pathetic, shriveling lungs because of 60 years of smoking.

I will keep you and your family in my thoughts (and thanks for coming to visit me at my blog party) :)

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