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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Put Another Chalk on the Tire

Lately, we've had below freezing temperatures. Frost covering the ground has not gone away from one day to the next. Last week, the parking brake on our outdated only car froze in place over night. The smell stench was enlightening choking as we drove to and from the ferry terminal. Thankfully, there was no charge to release the cable as it was part of a request for a brake check. The advise following was also free: Don't set the parking brake over night if we don't have to. Each day during this period of wonderfully frozen temperatures since the frozen brake cable episode, we have been chalking the tires of the car. Not a problem, unless you are blond like me dye your roots brown as I do.

So the other day, as I was preparing to leave and let the tire chalk out form the tire before I set the brake. I didn't just not set the brake yet, I didn't even unlock the car. Naturally, the car went rolling down the driveway a good twenty feet before Bigfoot managed to stop it. Fortunately, our driveway is long and the car didn't go down the entire 200 foot somewhat sloped hill.

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Tina said...

Just wanted to stop by and say "Hello" from hikville! :o)

You're right, it has been frozen around here! We still have a lot of ice on our road. And last week, my car's key hole was frozen shut. BRRRRRR!


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