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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time for Singing Praises!

I just found, after months of prayer, a bed set for Beadgirl. She's been without a decent bed for over a year now. Cash for furniture has been tight since we moved back to this house.

To enlighten you on the situation; we decided in 2005 to sell our house. the market a the time was exploding, and the value of our house at the time was almost three times the price I paid in 1998. Selling meant we could pay off old debts and make a very large down on another house, if not pay cash for a foreclosure or tax seizure property. Our house is very small, a whopping 850 square feet. Selling would have opened the opportunity for something much larger and livable for our family. In the process of moving into his house, he allowed Beadgirl's bed furniture to sit outside in the rain. It's not like he ever told us where he wanted any of her stuff. He just let it rot. It's very hard to believe he didn't do it just so he could have an excuse to throw out our stuff. When we moved back in over Thanksgiving 2006, we had practically nothing left for furniture. You could count on one hand every piece of furniture we had left.

A member of a homeschool message board posted her craigslist ad for a twin bed and mattress on the message board. We are picking up her "new" furniture this weekend.

Her lack of furniture isn't something I'm proud of. Its an issue I've been praying over and dealing with for the last fifteen months. Sleeping without a mattress comes to an end soon. Mom and Beadgirl took some time today and picked out the new sheets, bedding, and room decor. I almost bought the matching curtains. I may just do that next week and bring home the surprise.

All gratitude goes to Him for listening, and meeting needs. Finding this bed for her is something only God could have done for us. Many people have been praying for us over this need. He came through and answered my prayers.

May God always Bless.

2 Thoughts for the Day:

Saundra said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Congrats on the new furniture! We just, after 11 years, bought 2 of our boys some new furniture. It feels great... doesn't it?

Terri H said...

She is so excited. The bed she's getting isn't new, but it is in good shape. And, it's new for her.

Have fun!

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