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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More of 2007 in Pictures

Veteran's Day Dinner November 10, 2007. Sponsored by Bremerton #117 F&AM.
I've edited this photo, so hopefully when you see it, my little-big brother will be standing straight up and not dancing on the wall.
If you are bothered to turn your head, you will see my little-big brother's hair before he cut it for his flight school program. The opportunity to cut off his hair was raffled for the support of WA Child Identification Program (WACHIP). He made over $250 dollars at $5 a pop!
Our good friend Tony eliminated 14.5 inches for Locks of Love!
Sailors from the USS Andrew Jackson getting ready to present Old Glory.
Chuck, how dare you eat donuts! I'm telling Laurie on you!
I really do have a can of worms. Clowning is so much fun. I made a reference to this picture on my Yahoo 360 page
I love this sign. I think my mom sent it to me via email. It speaks my life philosophy.
Who can do without two homeschooled kids and a mom packing over 300 school kits for kids less fortunate overseas.
BeadGirl carried her own pumpkin this year.
The first of three snowmen created this year.
He used grass for hair so he wouoldn't have to make another hat.
We have three sections of yard. Our yards combined are larger than our entire house. When you have three yards, you have to have three snowmen.
BeadGirl avoids mom and dad's kissy scene at midnight. Happy New Year!
Explorer Academy September field trip to the library. Small Port Orchard Library, large group, very cramped, very fun.

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