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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007, my year in pictures

This is what happens when the big boy and Bigfoot have the same color shirt. You grab one, thinking it belongs to Bigfoot when it really belongs to the Big Boy.
My friend May passed away September from cancer.
Bigfoot became a Boy Scout. This is one of the few photos you see of him. Everything has to be taken in secret.
Special Ladies Luncheon decorations. Hosted by Bremerton #1117, William H. Upton #206 and Steadfast #216 F&AM of Bremerton. This is the first event i've decorated with flowers since my wedding.
"Look Mom! I can actually CARRY my pumpkin this year!"
Saint John's Day. June 2007 I'm the third from the left.
More of Saint John's Day, My friend Gace and her son Dante
Armed Forces Day Parade, 2007 The Washington Masonic Family Float. I actually got to take pictures at this parade.
ACCCCKKK!!! It's three of the four stooges!!! The middle one is Bigfoot. The Nile Clowns makeup party before the Puyallup Fair.
Dear Darling, oops, I meant to say Stooge number 4 as he becomes Picadilly before the Fair

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