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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Development of BumbleBee

I could have titled this entry as "My High Achieving Daughter." Then I though about it and that just seemed too plain. Nothing I do is allowed to fall into the class of ordinary. At the rate my kids are going, nothing they do is allowed to either.

Officially, Beadgirl no longer exists. She decided to donate all of her beading supplies. Which is too bad to a certain respect. She was good at it.

Rising from the ashes of Beadgirl comes a new form of my daughter: BumbleBee. Some how, some sixth grader got it into its head that my daughter is a bumblebee and has the last name: Taco. I wonder about these children coming out of the public school system. I have no idea how this certain child came up with the idea that my daughter is a bublebee. Her socks are too obnoxiusly different colored for flying-pollinating insects. And where the Taco came from I have an even fainter clue.

Where kids get these ideas, I'll never know.

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