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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why I Don't Buy Appliances From Sears

The following is not my story. I'm not smart enough to make this crap up. Fortunately, neither is my mom, who is the original author of this story. Unfortunately, the following testimony is not uncommon in the world of Sears customer service. I had problems similar to this several years ago, but never got money for having to use a laundromat. Sometimes, I wonder is Sears doesn't outsource their customer service to TeleTech or some other company with low standards for performance.


I called Sears, on hold for a year listening to organ music. All Representatives were with other customers. I finally get some gal, sounded like from India. I told her I was not happy, I wanted to talk with a supervisor or a manager. She needed to know why so I told her. I said I wanted compensated for loss of wages, I wanted compensated for having to take my laundry out. I wanted the repair to be done tomorrow on the 17th and the guy needed to be here by 8 AM. She was sweet in her Indian voice and said she couldn't do that. She could set up a day and time and it would be the 29th between 1 and 5 PM. I told her NO, that was not acceptable. I wanted to talk with a supervisor manager.

Holding for another year with organ music. Now I like organ music, if it is not scratchy and distorted. Finally an Indian sounding man came on the line, I could not understand him half the time, he talked so freaking fast. I had to tell him my problem all over again and again because he could not understand me.

"What is it you wish?"

"I want my washer fixed Damn it and I want it fixed tomorrow the 17th by 8AM!"

"I am sorry, we can not do that."

"Why can't you?"

"We can set up a day and time for you but we cannot give you money."

"Let me talk to your supervisor!"

On hold for another year with the same organ music. An American man is on the line now. I tell him my phone many times dies after 20 mins of talking, we don't know why so if it does, HE needs to call ME back. I give him my phone number. I have to go through the entire story of how I called in Dec right after Christmas, could not get a tech out until the 7, he could not fix the washer, ordered the parts and only 2 have come. He may have the pump on another truck.

Nice English speaking man. He said the parts were ordered the 7th, shipped the 8th. I said I got the two starters on the 14th. No pump but it may be on another truck. He checked but can't find the pump any place. There was one shipped the 13th. It would get here on the 23rd. I told him that was unacceptable. Well, now a new one will be shipped on the 19 via air and be here on the 21st and if not here by the 22nd, I have a hot line number to call.

I don't get paid any lost wages that I asked for but do get a check for $50 to help cover the cost of taking my laundry out. I will have to take 3 or 4 loads out and they run $8 per load. Just not a happy camper. I told the American guy that when someone is not happy with service, they tell people. I would have no problems telling all my friends the kind of service Sears was giving me.

By the time I got off the phone with Sears and the reason I ended the call was the call got dropped. It generally does this after 20 mins. so I was happy I got almost a full hr. it was after 6 PM. I still had to fix dinner. I am in no mood to run this out to Silverdale for the tech guy in the morning, I will just get up early and take it there and then I can talk directly with the head man.

Most of the time I am laid back, don't let things get to me but this entire day was a joke. The dishwasher/range guy was to be here at 8, didn't come and didn't come, said he would be here by 10:00 then calls and says it will be 11:30 and it was closer to noon. He can't find out why the d.washer has water coming out of it sometimes. Ran fine for him. I told him it does for me about 95% of the time and then there is a puddle. He told me I load it wrong so I asked how I was to load it. Lame excuse, because he said it was to be done the way I always do it. He is the guy who could not come out on the 7th because his computer was down. Not a valid excuse.

The washer guy was nice, he called here and set up the time and date of the 24th. At one point I had the American Sears guy and the washer guy on phones at the same time. I was relaying messages from one to the other.

So that was how my day went. Hope yours has gone better.

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