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Friday, January 23, 2009

Introducing my Co-poster: That Weird Woman

Okay, so to call her That Weird Woman is nothing new to some of us. She happens to be the strange person who gave birth to me several years ago. She is almost as busy as I am. Or, I may be almost as busy as she is. I'm not quite sure which way this one goes.

That Weird Woman is a life-long Boy Scouter, hence the weirdness and the business. Every time I turn around, she is doing something with Boy Scouts. She did much more when Little-Big Brother and I were still of minority age. Back in those days, she was a Girl Scout mom, roller-skating mom, and Boy Scout mom. For a few years of that time, she even held a job.

So, since my life has gotten busier with going back to school, homeschooling, and everything else in my already busy life, That Weird Woman has graciously offered to write for the blog. Her style is very different than mine. Please don't get us too confused. We may be related, but we don't write the same. But please do enjoy.

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