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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Toothfariy Letter

As transcribed from the original letter, written by Beadgirl:

Dear Toothfairy,

You have given me money when I lose a tooth so I wood like to give you something. I hope you like it.


Along with the tooth awaiting departure into the land of child lost teeth, were two pieces of dark chocolate acquired from Tillamook, OR. Mmmmmmm.

Following the original note, was written the following follow-up note:


Thank you for the treat. You are a very special girl. Enjoy your money.


Yes, the toothfairy signed her half of the letter as Thootfairy. Maybe she was tired and wanting to go to bed. I;m sure she has a busy life chasing down the teeth of kids every night. I can imagine she'd be quite exhausted by the time she gets to our house. I'm not to sure I'd be able to

I saw this letter from Beadgirl and almost cried on my way to job #1. My trip to job #2 didn't fair much better.

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