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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just How Much Did She Miss Him?

According to the world of Douglas Adams and Beadgirl: None at all.

None at all is exactly just how much she claimed to have missed him.

Conversations in the house during Bigfoot's week at summer camp sounded something like this:

"I'm waiting for the ice cream truck to come by today."

"Oh, okay. Just who is buying this ice cream?"

"I am, with the money I made from Dad washing cars."

"Okay. I thought you wanted to save for an ipod." As if she'll ever get to the ipod. She's too busy buying ice cream.

"Mom, if I want ice cream, I have to buy it today."

"Why do you have to buy it today?" Remember, buying ice cream today is more important than the ipod of tomorrow.

"So I can eat it before Bigfoot comes home."

"Oh, okay." Watch out Miley Cyrus, my daughter's future album download from iTunes just got replaced by a Choco Taco.

Ice cream truck comes through the neighborhood. Beadgirl makes her purchase, and proceeds to consume the ever so important ice cream. Life depends upon buying and eating as much ice cream as possible before the older brother comes home from summer camp.

She swore up and down all week that she didn't miss her brother all week. In fact, she claimed to be glad he was gone. Everyday, she would mention his name and declare she didn't miss him in the slightest.

Author's note:
I considered posting this in early August. However, due to the coming of DeMolay Leadership Conference and the Weekend of Friendship and Brotherhood, time delay was given. After summer camp, we spent the following two events in similar manner.

How much did she miss him?

None at All.

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