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Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've resigned to being techologically impaired

By request, I'm bringing this post over from Yahoo. the original post was written October 5, 2007 on my Yahoo 360 page. I realize I am severely technologically challenged in the cell phone world. However, I do need to inform you that I have to date kept my Fire MotoKRZR for a period of one full year. And guess what! It still WORKS!!! I can't be more proud of myself.

In less than seven years, I have figured out I've owned or borrowed a total of ten cell phones. Yes, ten in less than seven years. It might be less than six years, I really don't know. I've had so many phones, I can't remember when I got my first one. I ordered number eleven today from Verizon.

I really didn't want to quit using the old Samsung thing I was borrowing from my father-in-law. I really did try to make it to my free upgrade period in January. Somehow, that just didn't work. The dropping of the phone into the toilet today didn't help. Now the screen doesn't work at all. I didn't try to drop it in the toilet. It just kind of flew into the wonderful porcelain princess.

I've only had one phone for a full twelve months and that was a Motorola V60i. That was six phones ago. I couldn't charge it. Why? I'm not an engineer. Paper clips, duct tape and rubber bands aren't in my language of creative uses. Rubber bands are for holding together groups of things so they can stay together in a junk drawer or school supply box. Duct tape is for temporary patches that are actually permanent. Paper clips are for keeping groups of paper together. Non of these are for charging cell phones unless you are an engineer. I literally would have had to rig it with the engineering tools of life in order to keep it working. I really did try to keep that phone for a full two year period; but couldn't make it past twelve. That phone was the easy insurance claim.

This latest phone was a borrowed Samsung. Borrowed only because my Motorola E815 (which I loved) fried before the warranty period was up form the insurance. The thing keeled over dead and they won't take it back without filing another claim. They sent me a refurbished phone, they should take it back. We decided if we were going to pay $50 for a replacement this time, we'd pay for a new phone instead of risking another piece of junk.

That phone came from the insurance because I decided it would be a good thing to throw my phone into the sofa. The sofa was supposed to prevent it from breaking on the laminate flooring. Did it? NO! It had to rebound off the edge of the sofa and fly into four pieces in four different locations. Unfortunately, the argument I was having was partially my fault.

Now that my new phone and all necessary gadgets are on the way from Verizon, I'll be on phone number eleven. Lets see how long i can keep this one. I will be good to this phone. I will not download ring tones until I have paid off the bill for the phone itself. I will not put on games so my kids think they can snatch it for idle boredom. I will not rack up the monthly bill with anything unnecessary such as sending photos to friends. I can email photos I take from the phone. I will be good. I will keep this phone until the full two year contract is up.

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