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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thoughts upon becoming a blogger

Because I want to expand my writing skills. Expansion of writing skills develops skills in communication. This can lead to various income earning opportunities. Income is good. Income leads to paying off bills, potentially buying a desperately needed new car. Income also leads to a larger house. Try living in an 850 square-feet shack house with Bigfoot and Big Boy, one girl, and mom under one roof. I feel for those who have larger families in small houses.

Lessons learned in blogging:
Mozilla Firefox has spell check built into the program. You'll never see my spelling errors. You'll never really know I can't type without looking at the letters. I also cannot type with more than a few fingers. I'm trying typing lessons on the internet; still working on the home keys.

HTML code. I have to learn how to cut and paste html code for all of the add-ons I've put on here. Not like I'm a chip-head or anything. Someday I'll hire someone like a cool graphic designer to move everything where I want it. I have been able to learn cool code for going crazy editing certain things. Yes, strikeout lines are an html code. So are codes for making statements. Yes, html code is fun.

I've learned You can't hide broccoli in a glass of milk (From the book Live Learn and Pass It On). I just wish my kids have. All it does it turn the milk green. We moms have eyes in all parts of our bodies ADHD and know everything you do.

I've also learned Hot Wheels are clothing and belong in dresser drawers. Please explain where your clothing goes if pocket cars are filling your dresser. Creative answers only. Testosterone will be factored into your score.

Most importantly, I've learned you can laugh at life. This is fun. You should try it more often.

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