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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kitsap Peninsula Shrine Club, say "goodbye" to Tuesday nights!

Ahhhhh, the relaxation of knowing the Kitsap Peninsula Shrine Club held its last Tuesday night meeting brings wonder to my life. It was hard enough to not cry in December as the former Kitsap County Shrine Club went dark in preparation of a merger with Viking Shrine Club. With all the extra sentimental energy in the air, what else would I do? The energy last night when my friend Tom announced the closure of last nights meeting was something else entirely.

Until Tuesday night, I've never been to an Installation of Officers for a Shrine club. This was definitely fun. Getting there was harried no problem, but being there was the best part of it. As crazy filled as my days get, leaving late for anything is normal. I have no clue every reason why I was running late. I only had to pack the tux, my dress, and monsters kids into the car. Deliver monsters kids to the YMCA, explain to sensai why they wouldn't be in karate, and wait at traffic lights. I spent 15 minutes crossing from EastPark in Bremerton to the other side of East Bremerton; a whopping two miles.

I was supposed to be at the Elks Lodge at 4:30 to help with tickets. I made it in at the very early 4:45 and made a record breaking change of clothing. I've learned there's no difference between a genuine adrenaline rush and alcohol mixed with sugar. I was wired without wine or sugar. That rush took over two hours to wear off.

Those two hours were the best two hours for photos, dying phone batteries, and pestering visiting good friends.

Fortunately, by the time Installation began, I was somewhat calm. At least, I was clam enough to focus for the moment on what was said. Not that I could remember any of the Officer charges at this point. I wish the phone batteries hadn't died. Each of the presidents of the former Kitsap County and Viking Shrine Clubs were presented with the charters of their respective former clubs. I think I may have started to get teary.

Most touching of the night was none other than the remarks made by the Potentate of the Nile Shrine. His mission is unity and longevity. If we preserve our hearts and work in the image of God's will at the Temple level, we will have a philanthropic hospital system well sustained into the future. Working together as Masonic bodies, recognizing the qualities each has, and moving forward with God's plan will give our children, as a masonic community, a future for to carry on the missions we operate today. All of the parties, picnics, dinners, happy hours mean nothing if we don't put God's mission for the future of our hospitals first.

Now that makes me cry.

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