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Friday, January 18, 2008

Give your Blood

Do you feel the need to do something good for anyone, everyone, even total strangers? Please, feel free to give blood! I would love to give blood. In fact, I did once. I only did it once becasue after that, they wouldn't let me do it again. I'm not sure why they let me the first time.

The first time I gave blood, I walked into the blood drive being conducted at our high school. Well, I didn't just walk in, I was in charge of the student end of organizing it. I had all the sign-up schedules, let-me-out-class slips, permission slips, ads, and all the other yada yada stuff. Since I had access to all the stuff, and hadn't asked my parents Mom's and Dick's, I forged the signature on the permission slip. I knew they weren't going to either. Fifteen years ago, they never did.

Actually, I never bothered to ask my parents for a signature becasue Dad Dick was being I think bipolar angry, as was usual for the time. I never got a chance to ask my mom. She was busy with other stuff and I didn't see her much. So, I forged dad's Dick's signature onto the permission slip. I then proceeded to walk into the "blood center.

During the interrogation session, I even told them I have a heart murmur. Did that matter? Not that year! I proceeded to give my pint of live giving blood. Giving blood makes you hungry. Lunchtime!

Being the wonderful students we were in KEY Club that year, we proceeded to hand our check-in seats to other kids, and headed off for the all forbidden off-campus lunch. Probably fifteen minutes later, we walked back into school (lunches in hand) past all offices of anyone and everyone who could exert disciplinary action over us. Strode back to our blood drive table and dished out several orders we'd taken for other kids; in front of the one last person who held any possible disciplinary power over us.

A year later, I went to give blood, at the same annual blood drive. I got rejected for, believe it or not, having a heart murmur. This time, I had permission from dad Dick, and his actual signature.

If you choose to give blood before Valentine's Day, be sure to join MaNiC MoMMy's blood giving contest.

3 Thoughts for the Day:

LisaWA said...

Terri! Hi! Glad you could visit my blog!

Wordless wednesday is probably my favorite meme! Take a picture... any picture and post it. Then link to a site or group that shares ww.

The one I link too is 5minutesfor mom. Also a bunch of us from the well trained mind board post every Wednesday. It has been so much fun!

The picture on my blog for this last Wed, was my Rylee about 5 years ago! She was so proud of her find... that and it looked purple! lol

Maybe you can join us next week??

Have a great weekend... oh and if you think about it. My firt post on The Heart of the matter posts tomorrow. Leave a coment if you stop by...


Terri H said...

This sounds like fun. Dh already gave me one for Wordless Wednesday. I was planning on posting it today, but I'll wait.

LadyBanana said...

I've given blood regularly since being 18.

Apart from the time of having 3 kids and various other (non serious) illnesses and such..

I hope to continue for many more years!

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