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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa's visit with mom

There are times when I get extremely pre-occupied with other stuff, I forget to blog. This story is just too cute to not tell.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Not because I get gifts. I'm all over giving gifts. The Salvation army gets more spare change out of me than I spend in an entire year. Giving Tree programs always get stuff from us when we have the cash to spend it. Christmas is my favorite holiday because He gave us his Son to bring Peace to Earth. Gift giving to each other is supposed to remind us of the importance of the gift He gave us. The commercialism of Christmas has always bugged me. I've never been the type of person who has ever asked for anything for Christmas. This should never be a time to beg for stuff from other people that you're not willing to buy yourself. This belief has officially made me the hardest person in my family to shop for.

So, Friday before Christmas, our friend Sonja took our kids out shopping for me. Bigfoot decided he needed to find out what I wanted for Christmas. He came up with the idea that he should pretend to be Santa so that he could find out what it is I wanted. His dad told him it wouldn't work, but Keith was persistent in his mission. It went something like this:

Bigfoot walks into the house from pouring candles outside. Meets mom and says, "Hi, mom."

"Hi, kiddo."

"You need to sit on my lap, so I can play Santa, and find out what you want for Christmas."

"And why do you need to find out what I want for Christmas?"

"Because I'm going out with Miss Sonja, and I need to know what you want fro Christmas."

"OK, go sit on the sofa. Do I have to sit on your lap?"

"Yes, you do. I'll just be a skinny Santa." He proceeds to sit on the sofa, and I sit on his lap. "Okay, now what would you like for Christmas?"

"Well, you know what I like, and where I like to shop. So, if you know those things, you'll be able to figure out what I would like for Christmas."

"That's not telling me what you want for Christmas. Now, what do you want? I know you like knitting, and fabric, and yarn, and Monopoly, so what do you want?"

"Well, there isn't really anything I absolutely want for Christmas. I don't like to beg other people for stuff for Christmas. Even when I was a kid, I never asked for anything like everybody else. Some kids had to have all kids of junk like Transformers, and GI Joe, or Barbie, and My Little Pony. Now, kids ask for iPods and cell phones and Wii's. And, they get all spoiled and fussy if they don't get the stuff they want.

I never did stuff like that. I only told Santa I wanted stuff like Barbie just to make the guy in the suit happy. He could have given the Barbie to Toys for Tots for all I care. I never really wanted stuff for Christmas. There was one year I only wanted a bike. Other kids looked at me strange because that was all I asked for. Christmas morning, there was a bike for me. It wasn't a new bike. It had come from an auction house; but it had two wheels, a seat, a chain, and handle bars. It worked; it fit; and I could ride it. That was more important than anything else. I didn't care if it was blue, had no stickers for Strawberry Shortcake or Barbie. Everybody else thought it was dumb. Oh well. Santa knew what I like and that's what counted the most."

"Mom, could you get up. Santa got really skinny for right now, but his legs are starting to hurt."

His dad came in the house and asked Bigfoot if his idea worked. "No, it didn't." I thought the effort he made to find out what I wanted was creative and thoughtful. I'll give him credit for that. Christmas morning, I opened two packages with Christmas ornaments from Macy's. One is a Santa, and one is a candy cane with my name on it. He definitely knows what I like.

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