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Monday, December 24, 2007

The complentating of a to-do list by a mom on Christmas Eve

As I'm sitting in front of my computer, wondering if I should blog or not, it has occurred to me I put the comma in the wrong place on my blog title. I wrote: What me, BUSY? NEVER! It should have been: What, me BUSY? NEVER! I'll get around to changing that soon. It's not too high of a priority.

I have enough to do today that takes precedence over changing the title of my blog. Today is Christmas Eve. I have cookies to bake, gifts to wrap, cobblers to make, dishes to run, laundry to wash (so the kids can put it away), a husband to keep track of, kids to assign jobs to, a toddler to babysit, relatives to visit, church to attend (bring on the coffee), a church altar to clear, Santa to play, and I think there may be sleep in there somewhere.

I almost considered not even posting today. Prioritization of everything is a must. I wouldn't survive doing everything I do if I weren't setting priorities each day. I can't live without a daily to-do list.

Merry Christmas to all.! If you don't celebrate Christmas, Have a Happy Holiday! If you don't celebrate anything, Have fun (and go sort your laundry).

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