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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

For the first time in seventeen years, Western Washington saw snow on Christmas Day. The faint white stuff on the ground is the snow as it was falling. This is a real rarity for those of us living in Puget Sound. We live in the convergence zone of the Cascade Mountains. This is why Seattle gets so much rain. But snow? WOW! Let's go play! Gift opening takes much longer when ten people are paying more attention to the white stuff coming down. Snow is such an uncommon occurrence here that when it does snow, that's pretty much the only thing you notice.

As soon as the gifts were finished, children were outside. Snowflakes were caught on tongues. General running around in the snow was done.
Snowballs were made and thrown. You'd be surprised how many snowballs you can make out of a snow dusting.

By the time the snow stopped, and the rain started up, we had about one inch on the ground. Most of it is gone now, due to the wonderful presence of last night's rain. Maybe we'll have more, maybe we won't.

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