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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm SHOCKED and singing PRAISES

My kids actually did chores today! I saw them with my own eyes CLEANING the dining room!!! I can't believe I saw my kids willingly do chores today. yes, I am without a doubt ecstatic about this. As a treat, they got off other responsibilities today. They can take on those tomorrow. Now if I can just get them to make out a daily to-do list, we'd be set. I even got them these cool weekly to-do list charts at the dollar store. One full year for $1. I like the sound of that.

I'm singing praises over chores being done by my kids. I didn't feel compelled to break up any fights. Double the praises for that one. Hopefully dh wasn't being a grouch with them. He was in a horrible mood this morning on the way to the ferry. Why? I can't completely figure out. He was like this yesterday as well. All I can do is pray for him.

Par of his problem may have been the back pain he's been going through recently. He called me from work today to tell me he thinks his back gave out on the job. We do not need him to end up filing an L&I claim, take time off, loose pay, have to argue fuss and fight L&I compensation, yada yada yada. We just signed papers for our mortgage refinance last night. We need his income to make the payments. I don't make enough with ASI to handle everything myself. He's already asked me to give him a good massage tonight. He'll definitely get it, along with a few good prayers, hymns (Communion hymns are my favorite), oil and hands. I'm good at that for some reason.

Prayer is probably the one thing I'm best at, even better than writing. My intention in blogging is to give uplifting and positive life to those who feel down about active lifestyles. We are very active. I won't get started on that topic tonight. I will tell you, there are times I feel overwhelmed. There are times I would love to tell everything to take a flying leap off the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The times I feel worst, are the times I feel like I have to fight, beg and annoy everybody. It's not a pretty picture. Prayer is really the only thing that gets me through all the crap. The Footprints poem is for real. There have been many times He has carried me through.

I could go on about this more, but you get the picture tonight. I'll go on about this more; just later.

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