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Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh, his aching back let me play SuperMom

We spent a less than eventful weekend at home. Plans changed at the last minute due to the aching back dear hubby has. Sunday morning, should have been much different. I should have been up at the crack of dawn making breakfast and getting three kids ready to travel to Mountlake Terrace. We should have boarded the 10:50 ferry from Kingston to Edmonds for the annual Nile Kids Christmas Party. Hubby was supposed to work this party in face along with several other Nile Clowns.

All of this means I was supposed to take pictures of the event and post them today.

None of this happened.

Instead, I woke up at the crack of dawn, made breakfast, piled three kids in the car, and went to church. Leaving hubby home alone was not something I really wanted to do. Under the circumstances I ended up in, I'm glad I left him at home. I got to be SuperMom!

I took my two kids, and the three-year-old child we babysit to church. I actually found space in the sanctuary for the beginning of service. Took them downstairs for Sunday School after children's time, and took over my husband's job at Fearless Fourth Grade Leader. Blessed as we are, this is Advent. Sunday School lessons aren't normal during this time of year. As a Sunday School teacher, I didn't have to plan anything. I just had to show up and reduce the adult:child ratio.

SuperMom really came into play during the final church service of the day. On a regular basis, hubby works this service as an usher and sound geek. I sit with our two kids (and the babysat third during Advent) in the pew closest to the production crew.

As we are all good Lutheran's in our family, the closest pew to the production crew also happens to be the pew closest to the coffee pot. We never sit in the front or anywhere near the front. Even at Christmas Eve services, we sit in the back. Typically the next to last pew will be filled with Herstads.

Yesterday, however, I got to do all the good things he normally does. I ushered the service, while holding the three year old. I ran the sound board with the three year old on my lap. I serviced communion cups holding the hand of the three year old. My kids, however, got to play the role of good Lutheran. They acolyted the service, sat in the back, closest to the coffee pot (and mom), SAT QUIETLY as good children should, and worked the communion as cup receivers.

After service, they even helped clean up. I love watching Bigfoot as he takes Squirt around having her help him. One of the jobs the kids have taken on at the end of services is turning off the big screen at the front of the sanctuary. I think it's awesome he allows her to flip the light switch that controls it.

BeadGirl is something else as well. She is now the youngest member of the First Lutheran Alter Guild. I've only been working with Alter guild for a few months, but she has helped set up and clear enough services, she knows where everything goes. She's such a kick at the end of a service. The first thing she does is walk up front, and begin clearing the altar. She knows how to load the Communion trays, clean the flower urns, and stuff the pew pockets. I haven't let her fill candles yet. I won't let her take on that role yet. The last time I filled the candles, I had the wicks all over the counter in pieces. I had oil all over my hands, as well as the counters and sinks. I'm pretty sure the ladies who set up the week after that incident were scratching their heads.

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