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Monday, November 19, 2007

Is this my imagination?

Shhh, it's quiet today. My kids are actually doing schoolwork today. If I take a picture, I may just curse the schoolwork. Therefore, I won't take or post any pictures. The quiet doing of schoolwork is a Kodak moment in itself.

Normally, we are in a much more boisterous school environment that looks much more like:

Two children are sitting on a unabashedly orange sectional sofa produced in the age of hippies and flower children. No, not sitting, laying because no one child can handle sitting. Sitting would mean minding your manners and we can't have that. Mom might just like the idea of us minding our manners. Voices are color coded; as if you can't tell who is who.

"Keep your feet off me."

The feet of Bigfoot stay on sister.

"Bigfoot, keep your feet off your sister."

"I SAID, Keep Your Feet Off Me."

"BIGFOOT, Keep your feet OFF your sister!"

The feet of Bigfoot come up off of sister and slap down on sister.


"I didn't have my feet on my sister. I'm trying to do my schoolwork, and BEADGIRL won't let me."

"So, keep your feet off your sister and do your schoolwork."

"I am keeping my feet off her. I am doing my schoolwork and I'M THINKING!"

"Then there shouldn't be an issue. Thank you."

"Mom, I need help with..." the phone rings.

It's the husband needing something for someone. Yes I can send an email off to whoever. What do you want to say. Type email. "This is what is says read email to him. Okay, anything else?" Sign email as "Terri speaking and typing for dh."All email is signed this way. Everything from masonic related email, to writing to his parents. "Yes, I can call this person. What do you need?" take notes because I can't remember everything he wants all at once. "Yes, I can take the car into have it looked at. Okay. What boat will you be on?" As I think, I'd get the car in if you'd give me the time to catch up to everything else I have to do. You'd think homeschooling means being at the complete disposal of everyone all the time.

In the mean time, the TV has now been turned on. There is more sniveling and nagging. Now for the:

"Mom, I'm hungry." You'd think I starve Bigfoot. At basically twelve years old now and entering a size THIRTEEN shoe, I must starve him. All he has done for three years now is grow.

"Can I do this first for your dad? Let me send this email off, then I can feed you."

During the email typing, "Mom, I'm hungry."

"Yes, I know. Do your school work and I can feed you. I can't feed you if you continuously tell me you're hungry."

"OKAY. I'm doing my schoolwork."

Wow, Blessed are we who have a quiet day of schoolw
ork. I do like this. I never knew I could get as much done as I have today if they can quietly do their own schoolwork.

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