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Monday, November 19, 2007

The nerve of Adsense sometimes.

As I posted my previous blog, I am finding I like the idea of dropping Adsense. They have decided my blog deserves links including "cheating wife" and "phone stalker." I really do not need people thinking I endorse this kind of stuff. Adsense can put up all the pro-homeschooling, Christian, Lutheran, Freemasonry, Shriner's Hospitals for Children, time management, personal organization, Boy Scout's of America, home improvement, feng shui links they want. I didn't finish the list because I could add more but I know you get the picture. I will not have links such as "phone stalker" and "cheating wife" on my Adsense links. Thank you.

If you happen to be more technologically enabled than me and know how to handle this, please let me know.

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