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Friday, November 2, 2007

Hot Wheels or clothing?

I would like to know when hot wheels became clothing? Is that when these pocket cars of breeding proportions became eligible to stuff in a dresser? No joke, this is my almost twelve-year-old son's bottom dresser drawer. The entire drawer filled with pocket cars. I found this drawer of is dresser this way as part of the following agreement I made with both of my kids:

I will do ALL of their laundry and clean their rooms in exchange for the following: NO fighting amongst themselves, controlled behavior, and fully completed schoolwork.

So, as I'm getting ready to bring his much needed pants into his room for putting away, I found not only hot wheels in the dresser, I found snacks (wrapped fortunately) in the top drawer. I found Yu-gi-oh cards, all three of his belts. I'm talking about the belts that are missing in action every time he has pants so baggy they are making the "gangstas" look well dressed. Sorry, my child, belts are a requirement when you are 5'2 and have a 26.5 inch waist. Please remember, he is ALMOST twelve.

1 Thoughts for the Day:

Rick said...

Mom cleans the room and does the laundry and all I have to do is get my homework done and not fight with my brother. I think that I would make a "blood oath" with him to keep the peace.

I like the photo. It tells the whole story at one glance.


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