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Monday, July 20, 2009

To Mitchell Distribution: I Will Not Miss You

I closed a door of my life in Port Orchard back at the end of May. I, through timing well unplanned, I left my newspaper route in Port Orchard. According to the distributor, AnneMarie Mitchell, it wasn't my route beginning in October. It was hers. HER route, as I was yelled at the Sunday before I quit. There should be no reason what so ever that I should ever dare think of a group of 300 newspaper subscribers "my customers." I was to work for HER. I was to pay out the expenses associated with "owning" a route territory, but was to give all control of everything that happened to HER.

Even two months later, while HER customers are still calling me about their missed deliveries, I still get steamed up thinking about the *****. She still ******* pisses me off.

Those of us who were carries for the Kitsap Sun before that ***** came around had our phone numbers passed out to OUR subscribers. Back in that day, they were OUR subscribers. We ran our routes the way we needed to get the job done. We were trusted. And when we were down, we were encouraged. we were spoiled rotten in Port Orchard with an awesome district manager. He actually cared about teaching and encouraging people. We were able to work for ourselves first. In that day, carriers were encouraged to take ownership.

So when I feel so uncomfortable with terms that *****, named AnneMarie Mitchell. laid in front of me, I felt compelled to make investigative phone calls. She didn't try to work things out. instead, I was told to pick a quit date or she would pick one for me.

She never did let me say goodbye to my subscribers. I still consider them mine. I hope the ***** has to explain to any new carrier why tips decrease when service decreases.

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