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Friday, April 4, 2008

Peace and Quiet, I Think

I haven't gotten a phone call yet. If I were to receive a phone call from Bigfoot, he would come home to the Apocalypse of groundings. Why? Because he would be done in for the last time.

In translation:

Bigfoot is off at Washington DeMolay Convention this weekend. He is spending four days with almost 1000 teenage boys from around Washington State. Events for this weekend range from official business and election of state officers to spending all night with XBoxes and Wiis. This is a hyperactivity breeding ground. Allowing almost 1000 boys to concoct mischief and mayhem in a hotel can be dangerous business. I stayed home, where there is safety and protection from the wild animals.

There are certain things I expect out of this.
1. I do expect him to stay up all night all weekend.
2. I do expect him to sleep all the way home from being crazy enough to stay up all night all weekend long.
3. I fully expect him to run laps around the hotel should he be caught with an energy drink in hand. I have made it known to his adviser dad that running off unnecessary sugar and caffeine from energy drinks will not take long. Bigfoot is a fast runner.
4. I half expect him to come home a better person with higher moral values. I only half expect this simply due to the fact that I can never know what to expect from Bigfoot.
5. Most importantly, I expect him to have an excellent time being a twelve year old boy running a muck along side almost 1000 other teenage boys.

Beadgirl is reveling in this joyful four days without her big brother. On the flip side, life without a big brother for a few days has generated requirement of the room cleaning to end all room cleaning. Never again, according to her mom and dad, shall her room ever become this big of a chore. If it shall become the tremendous chore she has made it, all fun activities shall become forfeit and her parents will engage in the privilege of cleaning for her. Engagement of this parental right may involve, but is not limited to the removal of toys, beads, and other nonessential wants.

She has had her fun. Her aunt took her out to a park for disc golf yesterday. I'm not sure what we'll do tomorrow, but we'll make sure to have some good quality time.

As for me and my Bigboy, we have four days of peace and quiet. There is no fighting amongst siblings. There is none of the usual only half of our regular dose of whining from the mouths of children. Ah, the relaxation of having a child out of the house for the weekend.

There might be peace and quiet for a while. So long as I'm not blaring TobyMac on the stereo.

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