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Monday, March 3, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I tackled it! I finished it! My three day filing project is complete. Filing is for me another one of those procrastination begging chores. I love the thought of stating organized. I just can't stand doing those necessary chores that would allow me to stay organized.

"Why?" You ask. Because there are just too many other things to do. After all, I'm a hectic homeschooler. I have kids to educate. I have mouths to feed, all four five of them. (You can tell just how often I forget to feed myself.) I have a husband too keep track of, masons to feed or desert, Boy scout meetings to attend, Webelos to lead, Sunday School to teach, kids to laugh with, a toddler to babysit, a blog to write, clothes to sew, yarn to knit, more yarn to crochet, and phone calls to make. I can always find chores to do instead of filing. there is laundry to put away, dishes to wash, floors to mop, and a bathroom to clean. when do I have the time to file important documents?

When I decide to crack down on myself and make the time. That's when. So, this last Thursday, I decided I would start this project three years in the making. I'm not kidding, three years. I haven't done this since we moved out of this house for remodel work.

Here's how it started:

This is what I ended with Saturday afternoon:


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11 Thoughts for the Day:

Gray Matters said...

Wow! That looks great - you must feel 10 lbs lighter!

Momma T said...

Nice job! I'm in the same boat. As a homeschooler - sometimes I feel like I can either teach the information or keep the information organized... not both. I can teach or I can keep records... not both. LOL! Your filing looks amazing! Great tackle!

Terri H said...

I read an article somewhere that claimed household clutter was connected to a person's ability to loose weight.

I may not have lost personal pound this time, but my house sure feels lighter.

Emily said...

huge congrats to you...I work from home and hate filing also!

corrin said...

holy cow...i saw less filing at the law office i worked at. good job!

We are THAT Family said...

That is a HUGE accomplishment! Wow.

Terri H said...

Just to let you know, I threw out almost a third of the original overflowing tub. The tub in the after pictures is my homeschooling and project archiving box.

I save everything my kids have ever done, both at home, as homeschoolers, and when they were in school. this is only the fifth box I have of stuff they've done.

Michelle Potter said...

Awesome job! I feel awful -- yesterday I put a whole stack of papers into the filing box without actually filing them. Just stuck 'em in the front, LOL.

Organizing Mommy said...

Hi! That's an amazing pile. We keep stuff in weird places because we homeschool also--in the kitchen!

proverbs31 said...

Woo-hoo! How neat and tidy! Filing is my next project. Ick. I don't like it either. :(

Melanie said...

Wowie! Oh my goodness was that a big project. Great tackle!!

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