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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sugar, Give me Sugar.

Please, someone tell me I'm crazy. We are now in the Lent season and I've given up sugar for these forty days (plus Sunday's), particularly refined and processed sugar. Honestly, do you know what this means? No sugar on my corn chex, yikes. No sugar in my coffee YIKES. No ice cream; I'm almost sure you will find me in Ben and Jerry's withdrawals. My favorite is Jamaican Me crazy. No deserts, which I am well reputed for producing and am producing for tomorrow night. No sugared soda, which is a personal addiction. I have to be crazy.

When it comes to making a lifestyle change this this, there has to be some level insanity required. I now I'm giving up something that is rather bad for me. There are always challenges. I've already been dealing with my sweet tooth since yesterday. I had to pick up a diet soda today. I don't even like diet sodas. Most of them give me headaches becasue of the sweeteners used in them. I put sugar in my mug. Fortunately, I put the sugar in before I poured the coffee. Unfortunately, the mug I put sugar in was the travel mug I used this morning. Since it was already wet, I had to put it in the sink and take a new mug. I stopped myself from putting sugar in my coffee for our morning trip to the ferry. I'm going without any sweetener in my coffee. I may just switch to tea for forty days. I seem to do much better without sugar in tea.

Tomorrow is going to be just as hard. I have two deserts to bake for the boys of the lodge. I decided I needed to make something other than apple pie or cobbler. I found at www.allrecipes.com a recipe for lemon bars and chocolate chip coffee cake. This will be my first attempt at lemon bars. I've done cakes before, so coffee cake shouldn't be a major problem. Just for me, and whoever chooses, I've picked up some frozen berries and yogurt for tomorrow night.

I know I can make it through this period without sugar. However, I can't do it alone. I need God to guide and strengthen me. This is a major valley for me to travel through.

2 Thoughts for the Day:

Joanne said...

Thanks for you comment, and for stopping by my place!

I am sorry that I had a picture of donuts on my blog when you are giving sugar up for Lent. Boy, you are one brave soul. I am a sugarholic...I ate 5 See's candies just a few minutes ago.

Geesh, I think I need to give up sugar!!!

Blessings, Joanne

Terri H said...

Actually, I thought it was kind of funny that you did post it.

I'm doing fairly well today. We were at Red Robin last night and I gracefully said no to desert.

Have fun!

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