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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Family Update Time

Ah, children are doing schoolwork, the dog is quiet, socks are in the washer. Am I feeling okay? Besides the fact that I have a nicely stuffed up sinus and I'm sneezing constantly, I may be ill. These conditions are not normal in my house. I'm taking the time to update on our lives.

I didn't get the job with Alpine Access. I wasn't turned down due to lack of qualifications. Virtual customer service is a very competitive market. I have my applications out there with several other companies. I just have to make a few phone calls for voice samples. I'm hoping to get over this cold thing soon. I don't like the idea of submitting a voice audition with a stuffed up nose.

In the mean time, I quit working with ASI. I feel very misled by these people. I thought I was being hired for a position working with discount health care. Since I live in Washington, and the company's health care savings program is blocked from being sold in my state, I could work as a Human Resource Agent. I have a background involved with interviewing and hiring people. This should have been sufficient for our needs. ASI quoted me $200 per week minimum working in human resources. Funny how in three months, I came out with no more than $22. I was not told at any time that HR Agents work on strictly on commission. Over the course of three months, I found out that not only was human resources paid only on commission, but this company is moving into multi-level marketing methods. In no way am I opposed to multi-level marketing or private franchising programs. We operate one already. I took this "job" to supplement our immediate income, and provide for the needed overhead we incur each year. Form the ASI standpoint, things started feeling unnerving beginning the first of the year. Now I know why.

Beadgirl got her new bed, along with new bedding, the matching curtain rod, and curtain. I'm waiting until after her birthday for the paint. She's getting something from my mom for her "new" room. I'd like all the colors to work together, so paint will have to wait, a whopping four months.

Bigfoot has not yet grown into another shoe size, much to the surprise of his parents. We bought him his first pair of size twelve shoes last September. Shockingly, we replaced them in December with size twelves. Just to let you know, he's twelve years old. From his ninth birthday, we've replaced shoes with the next size up every three months. Foot growth of this rate is not easy to afford. Making it even harder is the presence of his very flat feet. His flat feet have gotten to be a problem. I'm not sure, but I think his ankles may be dislocating from his legs.

We took him to the local Shriner's hospital evaluation day this last November. We are expecting to have an appointment sometime in June at the Portland Hospital. I was hoping for an initial visit sooner, but June works just fine for us. We'll have time to finish the k12 school year before we head down.

Our school work is progressing, unfortunately, not as well as it should be. For some reason, I have a Beadgirl who decided it would be a good idea to spend six weeks reading Charlotte's Web. I wish I knew what made her tick, and why she messes around as much as she does. Bigfoot has decided he doesn't like being under grade level. I'm not sure why, but k12 placed him very below grade level in math and language. My hunch is he may have been messing around with his placement tests. I'm hoping both of them will be up to grade level before the beginning of next year.

Bigboy is fairing well. the fishing trip yesterday faired well. I keep waiting for the fish tales to come home when the fish tails don't. He did come home with supplies for our worm farm. For having the day off due to the celebration of the Presidents of the United States, he kept himself quite busy. Not only did he go fishing, he finished raising up Beadgirl's bed, built a worm farm, found dozens of gardening education websites, moved fishing poles from one location to another. Bigboy decided I need the laundry room for planting more than he needs the wall in there for hanging fishing poles. I'll figure out what he's thinking with that eventually.

On the gardening note,. I started my herbs this weekend. I should be able to pot them outside in a few weeks. Produce gardening is something I've been pondering starting for the past few years. I'm tired of hearing about this food or that toy being recalled. The best way I can overcome our commercial farming issues in America is to begin raising my own produce. We've come to learn our property has much work to be done, leaving most of this year's planting season lost. There is some good news of that situation. Now we know what we want to do, how we want to do it, and what we need to do to get it done. I'm excited about this endeavor. I've never seen Bigboy so enthusiastic about anything as he is about vegetable gardening.

Will someone please pinch me. I think I'm dreaming.

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