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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Finally Got It Finished Today!

Today was one definitely of those hectic homeschooler days. I woke up late for route, causing me to meet my rider late. Ok, so I made up for that with a route completion time of 1:45. Nice. I haven't done that to date yet.

Ok, so I came home, decided I needed a nap, woke up late for what I could afford. I still had this dear TB paper to write. Even at 8am, I still couldn't push out even a paragraph. I guess that wasn't too big of a deal since I had to get myself and the car off to a rear brake job. Got the car to the shop, after turning around for the checkbook and my purse. On the way over, I was reminding myself to ask for a fuel filter along with the brakes. I was in perfect hectic homeschooling form and forgot.

Well, that gave me something like four hours to finish the paper that I still only had half a page done. Of course, once I got to school, I couldn't use the computers in the Pharmacy Lab right away. I ended up having to use the resource room. That's just fine until I have to plug my ear plugs into a tower below the desk. I'm not too fond of playing Twister to listen internet radio while working on a paper.

At least I finally got my paper finished today. All fourteen pages jetted out of the school printer one hour before the cut off. Nice.

I walked out of the module today with straight A's! YES! Six weeks left!

I love it when I have a hyper-under-control day. I get so much stuff done, even if things seem a little crazy and hectic.

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