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Friday, August 14, 2009

Educating Kids About the Intenet-Priceless

I came home from school thinking this would be a very good day to walk with Beadgirl up to the bakery outlet close to our house. I didn't expect to never make it there thanks to some loser moron imbusil player on Runescape who was ACTUALLY TRYING TO STEAL MY DAUGHTER'S ID!

Beadgirl said she would come with me after she decided what to do with her Runescape account. She got a message informing her that her account was reported for scamming other people. Not just once, but to the tune of 24 times. Beadgirl is not, and has never been, the kind of person to pull crap anywhere like that. The person "handling" the "case" told Beadgirl she would need to submit her user name, password and email. For some reason, the account would need to be "played" by the "moderator" so that they could see what was said. If the reports were false, Beadgirl would be rewarded in points, or game money, or whatever it was. But, we would not be able to see information about the incidents.

Hello! The Runescape policy openly states that NO employee will ever ask for that information.

I told Beadgirl to ask if an IP address check can be run during the replay. That will tell us where the log-in to her account came from. She was told by the person on the other end that IP searches could not be done. We wouldn't be allowed to see the information. Not only were we not able to ask for an IP search, we weren't allowed to get time/date stamp information.

This Mamma Bear came onto the chat. In the end, I drove this "undercover moderator" on the other end of the line nuts. This person decided to tell me Beadgirl's account would be blocked. Whatever. The Runescape information openly gives information on moderators. There are no undercover moderators. Jagex employees will never ask for sensitive information, and they do watch for foul play.

My message to Runescape predators:
Don't mess with my kids. You will REGRET IT!

To parents:
There are loosers everywhere, especially the internet. Education is our ultimate Power Tool.

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