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Friday, May 1, 2009

Keeping Up (Maybe)

Okay, I know my last post was in February. In some ways, I'm shocked I even had the time then to run a post from That Weird Woman. In the mean time, life is trying to keep up.

I'm keeping up with school. I have a very high GPA that would be a perfect 4.0 if it hadn't been for a computer applications course in Office 2007 that landed me a B, after I ended up helping everybody else out with understanding how to actually use the programs and complete the projects. Other than that one computer course, I'm doing very well at pulling the wrong insulin for TPN bags, shadowing in the hood, and cramming eighty generic drugs, their trade names and classifications into a six week period.

I'm not doing so hot at keeping up with bills. I just got off the phone with GMAC yesterday. I was able to keep the house off the auction block for now. Now I get to spend today sitting in DSHS offices and who knows where else trying to pry help out of the State of Washington to get my bills paid up.

And get brakes put on the car. Since our lovely week of snow in December, I've replaced a ball joint TWICE, two cv axles, tires, some kind of oil relay cap, and door hinges. now I get to find a way to shell almost $200 for brakes, food, gas, cable, lights, water and phone when I only make aroud $250 a week.

So goes the course of trying to keep up with things.

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