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Monday, November 3, 2008

My Top Ten Reasons to Use k12 Continues

This last spring, I began, through the inspiration of our off-campus enrollment, a ten part series on why I love using the k12 program. Somewhere along the line, I fell off my own bandwagon. I can go into further detail about that later. It feels good to be back on my own track.

My #4 top reason for enjoying the presence of k12 in my life...

On-line lesson planning.

Every morning, I log into k12.com check our daily lesson schedule, and attempt to set two kids into gear for the day.

Lesson planning isn't entirely done for me. I have to participate in the planning process just as much as the program does. I have to pay attention to everything Bigfoot and Beadgirl are doing.

If they need more work to do, I can add to their day. If they need to spend more time on certain material, I can adjust the daily lesson plan to meet their needs.

All of this on-line convenience sure beats writing out lesson material for everything. Before our discovery of k12, I was hand planning everything. That meant going through each textbook, deciding how much of what to cover, assigning it, and hoping nothing distracted the plan.

Like that never happened.

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