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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The hectichomeschooler reason for k12 Top 10... Part 2

9. Worksheet material is provided. Everything considered a reproducible worksheet or black-line master is provided for the convenience of your family. All worksheets are bound in books titled by subject and grade. Workbooks are even color coded by subject, therefore allowing parents and children to pull the appropriate material from the homeschooling bookshelves for the correct subject. Children who choose to loose material books can simply locate them by color.

I will always know science is green, math is blue, and language is purple. Fortunately, nothing is coded in pretty-girl pink, mauve, or lavender. I realize those are very good colors for girls. Anything feminine responds well to pink, lavender, and mauve quite well. On the other hand, I can't say testosterone-infused brains fair nearly as well. By the intelligence given by God, the k12 organizers chose much more gender neutral colors for the program. I am a firm believer in education equality. Yes, that means you cater to everyone, not just a certain group of people.

Since Bigfoot and Beadgirl like to loose everything, workbooks aren't always readily available. k12 knows my kids very well. All of their workbooks are fully available on the Internet for printing. When Bigfoot decides he "can't" find his student pages, everything he needs is readily available. Just click "print" and make sure there is still paper and ink for the printer. Out come all needed pages for the day's work. Now I just wish he'd just get into the habit of looking for the books first. My Costco case of paper if half-full and ink for the printer isn't cheap.

Oh well. At least we've eliminated his lack-of-materials excuse for not doing his work.

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