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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lent is Over! I Made It!

He Is Risen! He has indeed risen from the tomb. He sacrificed his life for the benefit of humanity. His rising has brought the promise of salvation from the evils that desire our hearts. Our gratitude to Him is shown through our choice to dedicate ourselves to his counsel, guidance, grace and love. Live His will through our gift of free will from Him and receive His redemption.

Well, I made it all the way to Easter Sunday without any sugar. I knew I could if I tried without giving up. Giving up sugar was a major challenge for me, as you may know from previous postings. I overcame not only sugar, but I lost ten pounds in the process. I'm proud of myself. I filled my Lenten promise this year. I haven't made a Lenten sacrifice for several years. This time, I did it fully and completely. I can overcome, and I did.

Sorry this is so belated. I've been working part time for the circulation department of our local newspaper. My primary job is to redeliver mistakes and check up on carriers. We're going through an adjustment period over the next several weeks. I haven't had a regular "job" for over four years at this point. Early hours requiring conscious efforts need time for adjustment. I haven't had some of teh energy I'd like for blogging.

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Katherine said...

I've always given up sugar... but if I was REALLY strong I would give up coffee... ;) Something I should really try - after all, it is the holiest season of the year! But BOY does that sound hard! Congrats on making it through Lent... treat yourself to a chocolate .. along with COFFEE of course!

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