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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Green Tissue Paper, Coming Back to Haunt Me

My green tissue paper issues almost rose from the dead last Friday. Don't get me wrong, the flags came out wonderful. I'm glad I decided to use fabric instead of tissue paper for them. Trying to starch them wasn't so friendly.

Starch has not been seen by my iron for over three years. Of course, I forgot how much of the stuff sticks to the heat plate of the iron. As I was starching these three-inch flags, they were sticking to the iron, removable only with utensils such as forks and table knives. In the end, the flags turned out wonderful.

Stuffing them into the flower boxes was the issue now at hand. Craft sticks hold in floral foam quite well, so long as nothing covers the foam. I can't put these decorations on display with foam showing. I didn't have enough moss for all six boxes, and there was no time left to shop. Tissue paper would work. I need green tissue paper for these boxes, I thought . I'll call Kevin and ask if he can pick some up. Nope, he wouldn't be available to stop in Silverdale for green tissue paper. Tony works in Silverdale. I'm sure he can stop for some. Yeah right. He got the message AFTER he left Silverdale. Great, time for plan “b,” use something else. I guess I can go out for the stuff I need after dinner. I'll just stay later and stuff the boxes after I get green tissue paper.

I began to assess my situation with these decorations after dinner. I realized then, I had white and orange tissue paper. I never needed green tissue paper in the first place.

Orange tissue paper turned out just fine. Unfortunately, NO ONE took any pictures at dinner, and my phone was dead. I had to bring this one home for photos. I really must learn to not forget my camera.

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